As everyone bows to pressure, will there be ANYTHING left untouched?

Great Northern Sand, of Ettrick, has applied to the state DNR for a permit to impact wetlands in conjunction with a proposed sand processing facility in the Barron County Town of Dovre. The project is near the state-owned New Auburn Wildlife Area between Chetek and New Auburn. More information is available by contacting Dan Harrington of the DNR at 715-635-4097.


The EPA has found contaminants in drinking water from fracking. Sure. We’re on the sand-supply side. But the Great Northern rep laughed down our concerns about contamination from processing plants. By the way — they’ve already had a hazardous spill into our water system after only months of operation. Lies. Lies. Lies.


A local farmer is fined $34,000 for manure spills into a local creek.
A local sand mine spills water into a creek and is fined $4,200.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Particulate Health Risks from Sand Mining & Processing
  • Empowering Townships & Citizens to Address Fracking Sand Issues that affect Quality of Life
  • Why Sand Mines in Western WI & Benefits for us
  • Sand Mines and Water Issues Presentations followed by Discussion & Questions

Where: UW-Stout Jarvis Hall (newscience building) 410 10th Ave. E in Room 112
When: Thursday, November 17,2011 at 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Seminar at UW-Stout

Why Worry?

Why worry about sand mining in your community? Isn’t this just a gravel pit?

Sand mining brings chemical pollution, air pollution measured by metric tons, road destruction, wipes out scenic beauty, and puts your children at risk for silicosis.

Here’s a local video that surprises many:

It came to ours.

We live in the small township of Dovre, Wi. It’s clean and peaceful here. Maybe you’ve heard of our area. The book ‘Population 485’ shared some of the beauty of our small town life with the world.

The school still serves home baked bread. Neighbors wave to each other. And we wake up every morning and bask in the natural beauty around us.

That’s over now. Two mining companies: Great Northern and Chieftain Sands have decided small towns are easy pickings. Our community and way of life is under attack. Every day we hear of new mines sprouting up.

We’ve setup this resource so we can work with our neighbors on protecting what we value. We’d also like the world to know just what’s happening to us here. If your community is facing an attack like ours, share with us. We’ll share with you.

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