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As everyone bows to pressure, will there be ANYTHING left untouched?

Great Northern Sand, of Ettrick, has applied to the state DNR for a permit to impact wetlands in conjunction with a proposed sand processing facility in the Barron County Town of Dovre. The project is near the state-owned New Auburn Wildlife Area between Chetek and New Auburn. More information is available by contacting Dan Harrington of the DNR at 715-635-4097.


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The EPA has found contaminants in drinking water from fracking. Sure. We’re on the sand-supply side. But the Great Northern rep laughed down our concerns about contamination from processing plants. By the way — they’ve already had a hazardous spill into our water system after only months of operation. Lies. Lies. Lies.


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A local farmer is fined $34,000 for manure spills into a local creek.
A local sand mine spills water into a creek and is fined $4,200.

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